Our Story

In 2005, Boston Capital reached a critical juncture in its core asset management operations. Its asset management database was unable to keep pace with Boston Capital’s needs and it was directly impacting the company’s ability to manage its growing portfolio. Boston Capital decided to research the market for an alternative asset management solution. It didn’t take long for Boston Capital to realize that no software currently available could meet its rigorous and specialized demands based on 35+ years of LIHTC industry experience and a portfolio of over 2,500 properties.

The decision was made. Boston Capital would embark on building its own asset management application because it was the only way for the company to guarantee that all of its specialized business processes and best practices would be incorporated into the software. Boston Capital researched various development strategies and vendors and ultimately chose Cyrus Innovation because of their expertise in the Agile Software methodology – a collection of best practices that mitigates many of the risks inherent in traditional software development.

Now, after several successful years of using Fusion™ to manage one of the largest LIHTC portfolios, Boston Capital has launched a subsidiary, Lexington Solutions®, to focus exclusively on making Fusion available to the entire LIHTC industry. Lexington Solutions will continue to invest in the development and evolution of Fusion to maintain its position as a world-class, best of breed asset management application and indispensible tool for the LIHTC industry.