As a developer of more than a hundred properties across the country, Fusion allows us to quickly synthesize data and drill down into the details as needed. This ability has enabled us to become even more effective owners and partners, and our asset management team to become more proactive in managing assets and tax credits. I keep it open all day long. I had to get a second monitor strictly for Fusion.

– Denise Carter, Chief Portfolio Officer, Pacific West Communities


Before Fusion, each time we wanted information we had to enter data into spreadsheets based on whatever management companies provided. Because of this arduous process, we would only be able to address the large issues at the end of each quarter. Now, in one click we can provide our general partners, syndicators and investors the information they need at the drop of a hat. With Fusion, we now have the visibility and flexibility to analyze each expense line item, track trends on a monthly basis and tackle each issue immediately, securing the investment of all our LIHTC units. Saying I can do my job faster or that I am more efficient with Fusion does not do justice to how much my asset management has evolved.

– Nichole Fenton, Asset Manager, The Pacific Companies


Lexington Solutions’ LIHTC expertise and its unwavering focus on building a performance based system to manage data effectively was integral to Wentwood’s decision to select Fusion. While Fusion continues to evolve, its thoughtful design and effective functionality provides a solid platform for syndicators and asset management companies to proactively analyze portfolios and efficiently report to investors. There is really nothing like it in the market today.

– Kent Mehring, SVP, Wentwood Capital Advisors, L.P.


The addition of Fusion to our work environment has been very helpful in many ways. Although the process of getting all necessary information input has been a huge challenge, I believe the benefits will outweigh the efforts in the long term. Having the basic OP Details readily available saves a lot of time in my daily work. The Analysis features in both the Financial Statements and Quarterly Reports tabs are also a very convenient snapshot of various operating trends, and are quite useful in the process of quarterly reporting. If we strive to make more use of the Notes feature in Fusion, I believe it can become a strong communication tool, allowing anyone who accesses a partnership record to quickly find information on questionable items that other employees have previously encountered, researched and answered. As we progress in creating more reports from Fusion, we will likely see additional ways to use the data in completing our daily, quarterly and annual accountabilities.

– Tami Holtz, Asset Manager and Vice President, Wentwood Capital Advisors LP