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Fusion™ works like you do, to help you save time, decrease costs and reduce the risks of your LIHTC asset management. Securing the integrity of your data, Fusion gives you complete visibility into critical key metrics, the power of real time analytics, and the control of in-house reporting to finally deliver a comprehensive asset management software solution to the low income housing tax credit industry.

Fusion’s™ Portfolio Dashboard

The new Fusion™ Portfolio Dashboard gives asset managers a visual overview at the most critical metrics of an asset manager’s portfolio, updated in real time, all on one screen. Using customizable maps, charts and grids, users can quickly pinpoint potential issues within a portfolio or property and act on them directly from the dashboard.

Data Collection

Lexington Solutions’ electronic Data Collection service automates the capture of monthly trial balance data and eliminates manual processes while working seamlessly with Fusion™, or your existing database. We do the heavy lifting of collecting your occupancy, budgets, and interim financials directly from your sources so that you don’t have to.