Portfolio Dashboard 2

Fusion’s™ Portfolio Dashboard visually highlights the most critical elements of an asset manager’s portfolio. Updated in real time and all on one screen, Fusion‘s Dashboard allows asset managers to identify issues and act on them from directly within the dashboard.

Using customizable maps, charts, and grids, the interactive LIHTC data analysis tool graphically pinpoints the most significant data points affecting your portfolio’s performance, allowing asset managers to quickly interpret data and immediately respond. The Dashboard allows users to:

  • Quickly identify properties that need immediate attention by viewing portfolio trends and the highlighted outliers displayed in charts and graphs.
  • Easily analyze data with customizable modules that can be sorted by criteria such as geography, time period, occupancy, team leader, asset manager, deal type, and management company.
  • Explore detailed property data in one click from any Dashboard feature. The Dashboard’s property analysis grid makes deep data dives a snap and can be exported or printed for reports.

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