Eight Reasons to Love Fusion

Eight reasons to love Fusion:

  1. Proactively analyze and manage portfolios rather than sort through documents and calculate data. Fusion enables asset managers to immediately obtain the real-time vital signs of each portfolio and hone in on properties that need attention. With Fusion‘s easy-to-navigate screens and highly customizable data modules, users quickly drill-down into data trends to stay ahead of oncoming issues.
  2. Save time with Fusion‘s standardized property and audit review. Asset managers can select pre-populated comments, which incorporate financial calculations and identify common problems, to complete audits and streamline the review process for a consistent review across all properties, portfolios, and funds. Asset managers using Fusion have already seen a 40% reduction in the time it takes to audit a portfolio – what are you waiting for?
  3. Efficiently identify underperforming assets with real time analytics. Fusion users quickly synthesize data and drill down into details without handling a single spreadsheet or paper document. With Fusion, you can view critical vital-signs at a glance with instant access to the most up to date current and historical information, or drill down to identify each property’s financing details, unit mix, or even management company.
  4. Increase visibility into each property, portfolio and fund, by centralizing all the data in your LIHTC portfolios. Asset managers have the power to view every aspect of a portfolio at any point in time, from construction and lease-up progress, to operating costs and occupancy benchmarks. Fusion‘s Notes provide the ability to maintain a running trail of all comments and actions taken to give complete picture of a property’s performance indicators to everyone on your team.
  5. Reduce risks with automated data validation that tracks entered property data against validation rules ensure the data is accurate and complete. With Fusion, asset managers can be assured of the integrity of their data at input and throughout the life of their portfolio.
  6. Improve productivity with Fusion‘s intuitive design and streamlined data flows. Fusion is built as a comprehensive LIHTC asset management system from the ground up and users can be confident that their most crucial information is just a few clicks away. Customizable scorecards, with predetermined measurements on each property, users spend less time searching for data to find out if there an is an issue, and more time doing in-depth analysis to understand and plan solutions.
  7. Maximize credit delivery by using Fusion to track all important deadlines such as financing schedules, property site inspections, tax credit delivery and capital contributions.
  8. Streamline reporting with the ability to create customized reports in-house. Fusion gives asset managers 100% control and flexibility to confidently develop reports on any SQL database reporting tool. This not only saves crucial time and resources, but improves partner relationships with the increased reporting accuracy and speed.

So, is Fusion right for you?