What Can Fusion Do?

About Fusion

Fusion is a comprehensive asset management tool and data repository built to maximize data analysis. Fusion will fundamentally change the way you analyze your portfolio, create and run reports and share information. Its smart design allows asset managers to spend their time analyzing their portfolio instead of completing clerical tasks. Boston Capital has proven Fusion’s reliability by using it to manage a portfolio of over 2,200 properties for the past 3 years.


Fusion organizes your information in a format that is easily accessible to business users through a simple report writer, such as Crystal Reports©. Report tables are structured and labeled in a way that the business user can understand. This provides several key advantages:

  • Internal staff create their own reports utilizing a report writer with which they are familiar
  • Ad-hoc reports can be generated quickly to meet ever changing external reporting requirements
  • Reports are created internally, eliminating the need to pay outside vendors for this service

With Fusion, you can easily create reports that are important to you and your business in a timely fashion. With control of your report writing capabilities, you finally have the ability to proactively asset manage your portfolio to the standards that you establish.

Financial Statement Analysis

Fusion incorporates specialized data entry screens for tracking and entering partnership data. The screen design and validation rules help to ensure the data is complete and accurate. The built-in analysis features highlight areas of concern to assist the reviewer in identifying potential partnership issues. The Data Analysis screen displays financial data with standard calculations and analysis summaries which allow for consistent review of partnership operations across the portfolio. The pre-populated standard comments, which incorporate financial calculations, streamline the review process thereby increasing efficiency while creating a more in-depth analysis.

Invoicing and Receipt Tracking

Fusion’s sophisticated invoicing engine allows you to enter complex fee schedules that are unique to each partnership agreement. Fusion even handles partnership amendments that change the fee terms over time.

The invoicing engine uses the terms you entered to calculate and produce annual invoices in conjunction with the available cash for the year. Both annual cash flow and fee calculations are clearly printed on the invoice being sent directly to the general partner. As payments are received, check information is entered into Fusion and receipts are automatically applied in accordance with the partnership agreement’s waterfall provisions.

Construction and Lease-Up Monitoring

Fusion allows you to closely monitor construction and lease-up progress against underwriting benchmarks. This enables you to efficiently identify delays as they occur and work with the developer to minimize impact on credit delivery. Additionally, Fusion allows you to track construction costs, change orders, required and actual inspection dates, inspection results and AHIC scores.

Fusion automatically calculates construction and lease-up end dates based on pre-established benchmarks, and updates the property status appropriately.

Tax Credit Calculations and Fund Roll Up

Additionally, Fusion automatically calculates the annual tax credits to the partnership on a building-by-building basis based on initial 8609 information and qualified occupancy data. Fusion then rolls up each partnership’s credit delivery to the fund level. Annual fund closings are saved in Fusion so you can always access the final closing information from prior years. The system automatically tracks any changes to prior year tax credits and carries them forward to the first open year as an adjustment to current benefits.

General Property Data Management

Fusion allows you to manage information important to the oversight of your portfolio in a central location and to access data in accordance with your reporting needs. Information is organized in easy-to-read screens that allow you to quickly locate property specific details. Where appropriate, the information on these screens is organized in schedules to allow you to see both the current information and the historic details. Additionally, the reporting tools allow you to quickly compile and analyze data in accordance with your specifications.