Why Fusion?

Fusion supports Low Income Housing Tax Credit professionals, when you need to understand your data, analyze your portfolios and report to stakeholders. Bring your asset management team into the 21st Century with Fusion.


Developers have a lot to juggle to ensure the success of each Low Income Housing Tax Credit investment. From managing construction costs to ensuring the accurate analysis of your portfolios and managing your tax credit assets, developers have to be more efficient than ever.

Without spreadsheets or even a calculator, Fusion helps you keep a critical eye on every aspect of your portfolio and gives you more time to reconcile small variances before they become issues for your properties. Our Fusion asset management software is already helping developers:

  • Maximize portfolio performance: With Fusion‘s built-in analysis features that calculate and summarize each property’s current expenses, compares them month-over-month and year-over-year, and automatically highlights variances, you can rest knowing that Fusion puts you in control of your portfolio every day.
  • Maintain accountability of your management companies: With Fusion you have 360° views into all of your property operations and assets, allowing you to see first-hand what the issues are without waiting for management companies to report them. With designated screens that summarize results, you can stay on top of management company performance in real time, rather than react to reported issues.
  • Quickly respond to stakeholders with personalized reports: With Fusion, you can easily access all your data from one location and quickly respond to requests for information from syndicators, state agencies, lenders or other stakeholders. With all your data at your fingertips, you can create timely customized reports in-house, without ever having to wait for third-party vendors again.
Fusion™ is a revolutionary product inspired by low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) syndicators who wanted to:

  • Use technology to gain control over data
  • Confidently report on their portfolios
  • Spend less time shuffling through paper files, and more time analyzing portfolio projections
  • Stop creating Excel spreadsheets to uncover issues, and use that time to execute solutions.

Lexington Solutions understands syndicator’s needs, which is why Fusion is:

  • LIHTC-Focused: Low income housing tax credit asset managers have specific requirements for each deal over the more than 15 year lifespan of a property relationship. Fusion was designed as a comprehensive resource for LIHTC asset managers from the ground up. From construction to disposition, LIHTC syndicators can be confident that their most critical information is only a few clicks away.
  • Intuitive: Each of your portfolios has different provisions, different pain points and different performance indicators. Track and report it all with Fusion. Calculate credits how you need it most: by type, occupancy, property manager, lease terms, fund or other benchmarks for complete visibility into a property and portfolio’s tax credit progress. Using Fusion‘s in-house reporting capabilities you have 100% control to freely generate reports on a single property or an entire portfolio.
  • Effortless: Fusion takes the guesswork out of asset management and allows you to confidently and proactively manage each aspect of a portfolio. With little to no training or third-party consulting fees, Fusion you saves time while decreasing costs. Features are designed to improve productivity of an asset manager’s work every day. Automated invoice tracking allow you to track and optimize fee collections, while historical views let you easily see key data points year-to-year or month-to-month over the lifetime of the deal.
Low Income Housing Tax Credit investors have a lot in the balance – with multiple properties and portfolios often distributed across the country. You want to be assured that all your properties are running smoothly, regulatory deadlines are being met and that tax credit delivery is happening right on schedule. Yet, with only third-party reports to rely on, it is hard to have comprehensive oversight over your properties and portfolios. Fusion™ takes the guesswork out of tax credit asset management, and uses technology to put you in control.

Lexington Solutions understands the needs of today’s LIHTC investor, which is why Fusion is:

  • Comprehensive: Get true accountability and visibility into every deal with Fusion‘s tax credit calculations and analysis. Using Fusion to easily manage real-time metrics, critical portfolio data is at your fingertips. You can quickly view top vital signs about properties and portfolios, or use the screens to drill down for more detailed analysis, without waiting for reports from syndicators or developers. By keeping you up to date with the progress of each property and portfolio’s site visits, invoices, and tax credit delivery schedules, Fusion helps you build and sustain stronger relationships with your partners.
  • Reliable: With Fusion, you have a reliable resource and trusted partner in LIHTC asset management. The industry’s most innovative LIHTC software system secures the integrity of your data while giving you complete, 24/7 visibility. Lexington Solutions designed Fusion with the Agile software development methodology, Pair Programming and Test Driven Development, used by tech leaders like Google and Motorola, to ensure that updates and your onboarding process are seamless.
  • LIHTC-Focused: Fusion was developed for low-income housing tax credit asset management from the ground up. The comprehensive software takes into account the unique provisions of each property deal to support you over the lifespan each property and portfolio, from construction to disposition. With Fusion, you have a technology partner that empowers every stage of your LIHTC investment.


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