Portfolio Dashboard

Fusion’s Portfolio Dashboard gives you visibility and control over your portfolio to help you take action fast



Most asset managers spend more time chasing data than analyzing it. With Fusion’s Portfolio Dashboard, trends and issues are immediately brought to your attention through interactive charts, graphs, and tables. With just one click you can drill down into the details.


An interactive geographical map featuring Google satellite views of each property in the portfolio

An interactive geographical map featuring Google satellite views of each property in the portfolio

Portfolio Dashboard makes it easy to perform ad hoc analysis on volumes of data with core benefits including:

  • Analyze key portfolio metrics with interactive visualizations
  • Identify negative trends
  • Flag critical deadlines across your portfolio
  • Generate detailed reports instantly and in-house


Critical Data at Your Fingertips

Simplicity:  Tailor the dashboard to focus on what’s important to you by simply dragging and dropping the panels that are most relevant to your portfolio
Speed: Harnessing the power of Fusion’s analytics, Portfolio Dashboard delivers “at a glance” panels of key metrics, crucial deadlines, and important trends all in one screen, with live data
Control: You control the analysis by filtering data in real time, by drilling through results to the underlying Fusion screen, and by one-click exporting of data to Excel, PDF, or image files

Risk Management

Portfolio Dashboard includes engaging calendar and chart panels that alert you to time-sensitive action items, so you can address and monitor them before problems arise, including:

  • Expected Mortgage Conversion
  • Maturing Loans
  • Subsidy Renewal
  • Insurance Policy Expiration
  • Scheduled Capital Contributions
You can also review important risk management metrics such as:


  • Construction Costs Spent vs. Construction Completion Dates
  • Debt Coverage Ratio vs. Average Occupancy
  • Performance Risk (highlighting your “Watch List” properties)

Performance Risk Chart

Track Construction Progress

Track Construction Progress

Portfolio Overview

Get the big picture overview of your portfolio with interactive property data charts. These panels allow you to refine the dataset, as you need it. Apply dynamic filters by:

  • Management Agent
  • County and State
  • Property Type
  • Asset Manager
  • Watch Level
Asset Manager's Portfolio Overview

Asset Manager’s Portfolio Overview

Access to Data

Portfolio Dashboard lets you compare data across your portfolio while you filter, sort and create reports from a single screen. Now you can instantly export reports to Excel, PDF or image files right from your desktop with a single click, saving you time.

Download Fusion’s Portfolio Dashboard Handout